“We are bringing the new digital age to SXSW 2018”

“SXSW 2018 is a mélange of innovation for those who are willing to think outside the box. It is difficult to classify this event, for it is more than just a festival for music, film, and technology. By meshing all these fields together, it forces the participant to realize that new, rich ideas emerge when concepts cross multiple boundaries.” NBCNews

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SXSW, South by Southwest, is a festival divided into three main sections: film festival, tech festival, and a music festival.  SXSW takes place in Austin, Texas every year in March since 1987.  This conference last ten days, that is distributed into sections, the interactive festival last five days, music for seven and film for nine days. 

Why you should go to SXSW 2018?

1)  It will have free music shows, where you will appreciate and have fun with your friends or family to have a good time with a good music.

2)  SXSW represents more than 2,200 musical performances, where you can know more new artists that maybe you will love in the future.

3)  You will found new filmmakers, you will be lucky to have conversations with the most famous creators about films, and individual sections with mentors. The SXSW festival brings visionaries to tell us their anecdotes of entrainment that will give a different aspect of cinematography in the future.

4)  SXSW Austin Is the best place to see the future trends, if you want to look at new ideas about technology, SXSW is the answer to know more about creativity, or inspiration to improve the modern age of technology.

5)  You can receive t-shirts, caps, sunglasses, and other things from venders, in that way you will remember these fantastic days that you will have. Continue reading ““We are bringing the new digital age to SXSW 2018””


How can companies use digital signage?

What is digital signage? Specialized to display information, messages, and advertising in public places, emitted through screens such as LED or a similar display system. To display your information it have to connect by a content management system or software to send the content.

Generally, digital signage is the way most effective and quickest to contact people, since this technological advance is growing up in all world, therefore, all type of business is using it such as hospitals, restaurants, malls, universities, banks, airports, beauty salon, hotels, bookstore, bakery, supermarket, etc.

The advantage of the digital signage is that you can use it in various forms and that you can have different content. In this section I will explain how you can use digital signage in your business:

  • Digital menu boards: The 29.5% of the customers get influenced by the digital menu boards, digital advertising will allow you to have menus more dynamic, which you can put images or videos, in this way the customer will know and will see what he will buy.

Digital advertising will favor restaurants or bars to easily change or update digital menu boards, adding new menu items, or changing prices, up-sell, entertain and enhance the customer service.

for example the passenger bar it is located in Madrid, is a coffee shop that uses large digital screens that are placed around the restaurant, their setting is to have screens with real images of a train in that way they give the restaurant with a real ambient about the interior of a luxurious rail car, it is an innovate idea that gives a value added to this company.

  • Outdoor digital signage: when people are in traffics or they are walking for their works or home, it will call them the attention of the bright screens in the street.

It can show it in a Swedish study, in which they realized that the drivers see more the digital posters than the traditional posters, this is because the digital signage is more colorful, it has more life, and also in the period that we live is about take these advances to get where we want.

Blank billboard

  • Indoor digital signage: for any business that wants to display digital content. You can use it to put daily deals, important days, decorate with different thematic, operating hours, anything that you want to display on your screens.

If you can see digital signage is fundamental in daily life, since entrepreneurs of small business assured that using digital advertising their sales increase in a15%. As well, the 86% assured that digital signage was the main reason that new customers view and visited them. Continue reading “How can companies use digital signage?”

“Digital Poster “- the answer to increase your sales.

“Digital Poster “- the answer to increase your sales.
Currently, marketing strategies are changing. People want something different to be recognized for, and increase sales by including innovative, unique, and of course something that can may be in your economic reach to realize their goals.
Nowadays publicity is changing, any company to survive needs marketing services. They must have to think in what way or how they will promote their products or services. There are 2 different types of marketing, traditional marketing, and digital marketing. Both types have the purpose to sell but they use different strategies and methods.

Why people choose digital marketing? Because the results are much easier to measure, is also a very interactive, in means of reaching an audience, there can be plenty of direct contact between the audience, and the business can get a valuable consumer feedback, it can be competitive with any competitor in the market, it reduces cost, it can go viral, also you can encourage your prospects, clients, followers, to take action to read about your products or services and to convince them to buy anything that you want.

We are now in an era that you can take advantage from the technology that has improved in these years to increase your sales. So maybe, you own a hotel, restaurant, bar, or any other type of company, but, you have the problem that you don´t get as many customers as you would like to. I bring you the solution, two words, Digital Poster.
What is this all about? Let me explain, Digital Poster is a company that provides products to give you the opportunity to achieve your goals, Digital Poster have products like screens, controllers, software. But we will talk about the software.

You can have many questions about this innovative, unique software; Such as, is it difficult to manage? The answer is no; you can control your digital sign easily on any desktop or tablet. Do you have to travel for a reunion, a trip, for emergency? It doesn’t matter, you can do it in any place you are, you don’t have to worry because for the software, distance is not a problem.
This software it will help you to present your digital advertising in a creative way, without forgetting the low cost that they represent in comparation to other strategies of publicity and marketing services, it will increase your indicity of popularity and satisfaction. It is an excellent way to position your company in the mind and heart of the consumers.
And now you are asking yourself how can Digital Poster be a good inversion in my marketing services?  These are 20 facts that will convince you.

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