“Digital Poster “- the answer to increase your sales.

“Digital Poster “- the answer to increase your sales.
Currently, marketing strategies are changing. People want something different to be recognized for, and increase sales by including innovative, unique, and of course something that can may be in your economic reach to realize their goals.
Nowadays publicity is changing, any company to survive needs marketing services. They must have to think in what way or how they will promote their products or services. There are 2 different types of marketing, traditional marketing, and digital marketing. Both types have the purpose to sell but they use different strategies and methods.

Why people choose digital marketing? Because the results are much easier to measure, is also a very interactive, in means of reaching an audience, there can be plenty of direct contact between the audience, and the business can get a valuable consumer feedback, it can be competitive with any competitor in the market, it reduces cost, it can go viral, also you can encourage your prospects, clients, followers, to take action to read about your products or services and to convince them to buy anything that you want.

We are now in an era that you can take advantage from the technology that has improved in these years to increase your sales. So maybe, you own a hotel, restaurant, bar, or any other type of company, but, you have the problem that you don´t get as many customers as you would like to. I bring you the solution, two words, Digital Poster.
What is this all about? Let me explain, Digital Poster is a company that provides products to give you the opportunity to achieve your goals, Digital Poster have products like screens, controllers, software. But we will talk about the software.

You can have many questions about this innovative, unique software; Such as, is it difficult to manage? The answer is no; you can control your digital sign easily on any desktop or tablet. Do you have to travel for a reunion, a trip, for emergency? It doesn’t matter, you can do it in any place you are, you don’t have to worry because for the software, distance is not a problem.
This software it will help you to present your digital advertising in a creative way, without forgetting the low cost that they represent in comparation to other strategies of publicity and marketing services, it will increase your indicity of popularity and satisfaction. It is an excellent way to position your company in the mind and heart of the consumers.
And now you are asking yourself how can Digital Poster be a good inversion in my marketing services?  These are 20 facts that will convince you.

1) It Works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
2) It is a useful tool for publicity
3) Easy to use
4) Customers will know more about your company
5) You will have unique strategies for marketing services
6) 90% of the users retain screen messages better
7) The Cost savings of printing can be up to 100%
8) Your brand can go viral
9) 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers
10) Only 16% of marketers say outbound practices provide the highest quality leads for sales
11) Marketing technology represents 33% of the average marketing budget
12) 29% of companies are prioritizing social selling
13) Diminution about the cost in comparation about other publicity
14) 86% of people skip television ads
15) Saves time
16) Share your content effortlessly
17) Makes your small business more competitive
18) Links you with tons of potential customers
19) All content types are displayed
20) You can update the messages you want to transmit in real time

As you can see there are many reasons why digital marketing is important nowadays, in this case many marketers focus in a strategy that will not be so expensive to be known by their products or services and to have potential customers. You can see the example of the company “EL PAIS” from Spain. Is a company that sells newspapers, and is the newspaper more read in Spain, the publicity section of this newspaper fell 20% on the first semester 2017, this mean that business owners prefer digital marketing because they realized that they will have costs savings and that digital advertising is better than in the newspapers, nowadays marketers want to scale business faster, to get more visibility in less time.

Digital poster brings you a viable solution, nowadays digital signage is being exploited by most business owners to give them an edge over their competitors, and if your competitors have it, you must have to. Because you want to be the better in the market and that way Digital Poster can help you reach your goals with our amazing technology.

It will show more than just static images, with digital signage it allows videos, audio, live news feeds and static images to all to be displayed concurrently, attracting the attention of customers at the right time.

So, Digital Poster wants to help you to reach all your goals and obviously to increase your sales and to increase your customers, improve your company because our purpose is to be an entrepreneur company and help with our ideas to the owners of restaurants, bars, hotel, and any other type of company. You will find out that this software it will help you in an amazing way because it will reduce your expenses, and you will see that is too easy to use and a useful tool to attract clients. Nowadays you must take different marketing strategies to be in the top of the costumer’s mind to survive in the market.

You must remember, that if you want to be at the top, all you need is to focus in strategies of digital marketing, so Digital Poster brings you this software to reach your dreams.






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