How can companies use digital signage?

What is digital signage? Specialized to display information, messages, and advertising in public places, emitted through screens such as LED or a similar display system. To display your information it have to connect by a content management system or software to send the content.

Generally, digital signage is the way most effective and quickest to contact people, since this technological advance is growing up in all world, therefore, all type of business is using it such as hospitals, restaurants, malls, universities, banks, airports, beauty salon, hotels, bookstore, bakery, supermarket, etc.

The advantage of the digital signage is that you can use it in various forms and that you can have different content. In this section I will explain how you can use digital signage in your business:

  • Digital menu boards: The 29.5% of the customers get influenced by the digital menu boards, digital advertising will allow you to have menus more dynamic, which you can put images or videos, in this way the customer will know and will see what he will buy.

Digital advertising will favor restaurants or bars to easily change or update digital menu boards, adding new menu items, or changing prices, up-sell, entertain and enhance the customer service.

for example the passenger bar it is located in Madrid, is a coffee shop that uses large digital screens that are placed around the restaurant, their setting is to have screens with real images of a train in that way they give the restaurant with a real ambient about the interior of a luxurious rail car, it is an innovate idea that gives a value added to this company.

  • Outdoor digital signage: when people are in traffics or they are walking for their works or home, it will call them the attention of the bright screens in the street.

It can show it in a Swedish study, in which they realized that the drivers see more the digital posters than the traditional posters, this is because the digital signage is more colorful, it has more life, and also in the period that we live is about take these advances to get where we want.

Blank billboard

  • Indoor digital signage: for any business that wants to display digital content. You can use it to put daily deals, important days, decorate with different thematic, operating hours, anything that you want to display on your screens.

If you can see digital signage is fundamental in daily life, since entrepreneurs of small business assured that using digital advertising their sales increase in a15%. As well, the 86% assured that digital signage was the main reason that new customers view and visited them. Continue reading “How can companies use digital signage?”